Stress at school

Stress at school

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Many american teenagers are more stressed than adults. This has bad influence on their perfomance at home, work and school. From a survey, made by the American Psychological Association, emerges that a lot of American teens felt irritable, angry, nervous or  anxious during the previous month of school. Also, others teens reported a severe case of stress. Stress 1

Teens who practise sport at least once a week are less stressed. Generally women and girls feel higher levels of stress than their male peersStress 02

When teenegers are stressed, these are the consequences:

  • Skip a meal
  • Manifest anxiety
  • Lay awake all night
  • Feel stomach upset

Another cause of stress on teens are bullies at school. Bullying has become a true social problem and it can assume many forms:

  • Physical bullying: acts of violence
  • Spoken bullying: insults and mocks
  • Social bullying: exclusion and offensive gestures
  • Cyber-bullying: negative messages vie email or social networks

Stress 03

There are many ways to reduce stress levels in teens:

  • doing yoga or sport: yoga helps you find your inner peace, while sports help getting rid of stress hormones and releases mood-enhancing chemicals which help dealing better with stress
  • changing wall colors: this will make the school environment more hospitable and therefore reduce the feeling that school is like a prison with no freedom or joy


  • RED: colour of passion and love. For many it’s an aggressive color, which also indicates danger, blood and fire
  • ORANGE: colour of hospitality, it symbolizes care, research and study
  • YELLOW: colour of the sun, it symbolizes joy, happiness, growth, and gold, but also jealousy and betrayal

Stress 06

  • GREEN: symbolizing nature, fertility but also poison
  • BLUE: it symbolizes calm, water, sky. With long exposure this color produces an effect of silence, satisfaction and harmony

Stress 05

  • PURPLE: it symbolizes royalty, spirituality but also cruelty and regret. Purple also indicates the union of opposites
  • PINK: it symbolizes femininity and youth. The colour preferred by women
  • WHITE: the colour of purity. It is a synonymous to cleanliness, chastity, simplicity and peace
  • BROWN: symbolizes neutrality, earth and warm
  • BLACK: associated with power, elegance, magic, mystery and night. It also symbolizes mourning and death. It is a very popular color in women’s fashion

Stress 04

  • GREY: it symbolizes maturity and sadness. It defines distance

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